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Legal Aspects of Nursing Course

Expanding  roles and responsibilities for nurses have resulted in even greater  liability risks. You need current information on nursing law - the laws governing the practice of nursing,  and ways to protect yourself from malpractice claims. This course will  review over 20 actual nursing cases - including a recent case in which a med error caused a patient's death and the nurse is now charged with reckless homicide - and explain how you can learn from these mistakes. This legal information will be invaluable in protecting  yourself, and is presented in a fun, yet informative way! Nurse  Attorney Laurie Elston is an expert on nursing law and will explain the  law in an understandable way with practical tips you can immediately apply to your practice. 


Program Topics

The Course includes legal updates for all of the following topics, including a copy of the new 2019 CA regulations regarding hospital discharge planning and documentation. (Class time is 8:30 - 4:00)

-Medical/Nursing Lawsuit Process 

-CA Nursing Acts, Duties, and Standards - recent updates

-Specialty Practice Areas - updates

-Staffing and Ratio Law Issues - floating, how to file complaints

-Delegation and Supervision Issues - LVN supervision, new MA laws

-Liability Issues- When is the RN liable for the actions of others?

-Nursing Negligence (CA state laws and video of experts testifying in court on negligence)

-Most Frequent Claims Against Nurses: in each practice area

-Risk Management: Preventing Errors and Lawsuits

               (12:00-1:00 Lunch)

-Malpractice Insurance- Should I buy it?

-Documentation, E.M.R.'s- pitfalls and recommendations. New law on discharging patients.

-Deposition Tips - watch videos of nurses testifying; what every nurse should know

-Confidentiality: HIPPA myths, actual cases against nurses, rules for using social media 

-Nursing Ethics Principals and Issues - What would you do?

-Informed Consent: CA laws. Case of nurse arrested in ED for refusing police blood draw. 

-Advanced Directives: Changes to California's  POLST Laws and "Right to Die" Law.

-Disciplinary and Licensing Proceedings by the Board of Nursing: The California BRN files charges against over 1,000 registered nurses every year. Know your rights!

-Employment Laws: Whistle Blower Protection for Nurses. Not getting your lunch breaks? 

Class will include a review of many actual cases, including a BRN case alleging the nurse had caused the patient's death, which Attorney Elston tried in 2018 and won.  


Class Dates and Locations

All 2019 classes are over. Please check back for 2020 Nursing Law Class schedule in January.

Course Tuition - Class includes: coffee/pastry, afternoon treats, detailed 120 page California Nursing Law Manual, and 7.2 CE hours (CEP # 12696). 

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2019 Home Study Course Available. Includes 2019 California Nursing Law Manual (120+ pages with complete copy of CA Nurse Practice Act and the new regulations re: hospital discharges), Post-Test, and 5.3 CE hours. Just send check for $139 to: Laurie Elston, PO Box 1130, Pismo Beach, CA 93448.   


Course Evaluations

Course Evaluation Comments:

"Excellent  seminar, it should be mandatory for all nurses. Great handout with all  the pertinent information. Presented very professionally with great  sense of humor. I will definitely recommend this class to my  colleagues."  Lynn Watkins RN, ER/Trauma, CA

"I  found Laurie to be very interesting and knowledgeable in this subject  area. She is a talented speaker and is very east to listen to. I  appreciate the fact that Laurie is a nurse as well as a lawyer, and can  truly present both sides of the story.” Janet Wardlaw, RNC, labor and delivery

“Very, very informative. Speaker was very, very knowledgeable and helpful.” T. Allen, RN, ICU/Clinic RN Supervisor

“This  was a great class. All the information presented will be very helpful  in my practice. Ms. Elston was very informative, and knows  her stuff!” RN, Med-Surg

"Very  dynamic. Very Informative. Enjoyed the way she integrated nursing jokes  and humor into the program. Thank you for an outstanding, well thought  out presentation!!!" Rosemarie Reus RN, Current Board of Directors for Tri-City Hospital District, 28 years acute care and nursing instructor

“These  8 fun filled hours were extremely informative, practical, and all  wrapped up in a beneficial and concise package. Nurses (RNs and LVNs)  should invest their time and effort into this class to empower  themselves to deliver safer care and to further our careers.”  Ray, BSN, Case Management, CA

“Excellent source of information, easily presented for understanding one of the most feared subjects in our profession” Norma Rodriguez, RN, Los Angeles

"Ms. Elston is a very engaging speaker, very knowledgeable and compassionate." Hospital Board of Directors

“Laurie  is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. She is dynamic,  interesting, and a humorous speaker. I enjoyed the examples used to  correlate topics of discussion.” Doreen Brittan RN

"I  like the syllabus...and that it is not just a copy of the slides - so  you can review it and read it repeatedly. Excellent speaker,  knowledgeable about the law and I enjoyed learning more about nursing  law. The speaker de-mystified a lot of the misconceptions about the law." RN


“Great  speaker. All questions answered clearly. Presented with a perfect mix  of important information and fun. Case examples were very informative.” Doris Jackman, RN

“What  I liked about this seminar was the concise presentation of topics with  supportive examples for illustration. The initial legal overview was  very helpful in getting grounded. The website listings was a nice  bonus-thanks.” P.M.T., Public Health Nurse

“Very  informative and pertinent to my situation as a nurse manager in a  multi specialty medical practice. Documentation and scope of practice  issues validated. Appreciate Internet resource list. Thank you.” Dee Angus, RN

"I  liked the fact that Ms.Elston had not only legal expertise, but also  nursing knowledge that enhanced her presentation - especially in regards  to the Nurse Practice Act and Licensing laws. She sees the situation  from the nurses point of view. Thank you so much for this very enjoyable  and informative class! :) " L. Scott RN

“Comprehensive  information, extremely relevant…This information should be required by  all registered nurses, and facilities (employers) should reimburse the  cost as it benefits the employer too.” RN, Case Manager

"Great Course! You are an awesome speaker!" Melissa Van Nostran RN ED

“The seminar was very informative. I felt that the examples were very illustrative and clarified the issues.” Char Hill, RN, Director of Clinical Care, Long Term Care

“Very  clear speaker. Easy to understand. Liked the case examples to  illustrate important concepts. Allowed for questions from audience while  maintaining awareness of time.” Jody Nevandro, RN, Education and Q.I. Consultant, Emergency Services Specialist, teacher-AD program

“Good presentation. Good humor. Knowledge of subject matter excellent.” Karen Schmidt, RN, Nurse Manager

“Very organized, informative speaker, very knowledgeable of nursing law.” Joyce Mapp, RN, Director of Nursing, Skilled Nursing Facility

"The whole program was wonderful!"  Michele H. RN ICU

"Good insight and examples." Pauline Presson, School Nurse

"Very good. Lots of information. It really makes you think!" Alexis Gonzalez,, RN, BSN, Surgical prep

“The text/manual is wonderful! Instructor extremely well organized and obviously very knowledgeable.” RN, ED

“Well  organized, efficient, stuck to outline and time as allocated.  Self-confident and self-assured presenter. Intermittent injection of  humor to keep audience attentive.

 Excellent speaker- sound background of  knowledge.” Shirley Cody, RN

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